Hey Friends,

This is my story…

33 Years ago, I was the fortunate recipient of my sister’s kidney- a gift that allowed me to hear my daughter Bri’s graduation speech, attend the weddings of my two sons, and play with my four grandkids for countless hours. These cherished memories that I never took for granted. My kidney lasted double the amount of time compared to most. This didn’t happen by mistake. Let me tell you, I’ve never missed a single lab appointment, I don’t sit around drinking beer or smoking cigarettes, and I’m always on top of my daily medications.

Even so, I’m back fighting for my life again (that’s me, a fighter!) as my kidneys have officially failed. Unfortunately, my daily repeated dialysis treatments aren’t enough, and I’m in urgent need of another transplant from a type O living kidney donor- from someone like you since my family members are not a match.

The thing is, probably like you, my story isn’t complete. It’s a father’s honor and a girl’s dream to be given away by her father on her wedding day. That’s what dads do for their little girls, and she’s my only one. Plus, my wife Margaret and I are expecting our fifth grandkid later this month. I’d love nothing more than to meet little Carson and share our Chaldean culture with him. If you know me, then you know, I am fiercely loyal, kind with a mean face, and yes a little stubborn. So, it’s never easy for me to ask favors from others, but would you consider sharing your spare?

Thanks for visiting my site and sharing my story! I know Bri, baby Carson, and all the future Karchos thank you as well.

Take it easy